Helping Your Pet During the COVID19 Crisis!

If you are concerned that your pets can get COVID19, you don't need to worry as our furry mates are not affected in the same way that we are. While there have been a few cases of cats and dogs contracting the virus, they are not able to pass the virus on easily, and in fact has only been achieved in very controlled circumstances. It has been reported that people have nothing to fear in regard to catching COVID19 from their pets.


The bigger issue for pets is dealing with their owners as we are spending more time with them. Our pets are very sensitive to changes. When an event such as COVID19 occurs, they can pick up on increased stress levels. With people being at home more, your pets will need to get used to having you around more and this can increase their anxiety levels when you eventually return to work.

Helping Your Dog

Dogs absolutely love their owners, and for the most part they will be enjoying having their owners’ home with them during this time. The problem occurs when you are going to return to work and suddenly, you’re not around as often as you had been. This can create anxiety in your dog or puppy.


Try to keep up with standard routines and don’t pay an excessive amount of attention to your dog. While it can be hard, and we are treating them to lots of new toys and treats, it’s important to maintain an otherwise normal schedule. If you're giving them treats and toys (which is great for bonding) try to do it at a time that you would normally be home.


Dogs do require some alone time, so make sure you give them some space during the day so they can rest. If they don’t have a space to call their own, invest in a dog crate, which can act as an inside den. Dogs love hanging out in enclosed spaces as it gives them a sense of security. When your dog is in their crate, it is important to leave them alone as they are usually seeking refuge.

Helping Your Cat

You might not know this, but your cat sees the home as theirs, and you are not much more than a visitor. While a dog is happy that your home, your cat will probably be happier just being left alone. They don’t usually suffer from anxiety as much as dogs, as cats are a little bit more independent.


However, cats can become needy and like to be in the same room as their owners. When you have a needy cat, give it the right amount of attention and reassure it that everything will be okay.


To help cats you can supply them with plenty of places to hide, and it’s especially good if these are high places. When a cat rests it prefers to do it in the highest spot it can find, as they will feel more comfortable and relaxed.