AQUA ONE ThermoSafe Heater

AQUA ONE ThermoSafe Heater - PET PARLOR
AQUA ONE ThermoSafe Heater - PET PARLOR
AQUA ONE ThermoSafe Heater - PET PARLOR
AQUA ONE ThermoSafe Heater - PET PARLOR
AQUA ONE ThermoSafe Heater - PET PARLOR
AQUA ONE ThermoSafe Heater - PET PARLOR

AQUA ONE ThermoSafe Heater

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Maintaining water temperature is an essential requirement for keeping fish happy and healthy, especially in tropical aquariums. Aqua One ThermoSafe heaters are made from high quality quartz which makes them durable and shatter resistant. The thermal cut out protection safeguards the heater from damage if accidently exposed to water shortage.

Simple to use, with an easy to read temperature guide, Aqua One ThermoSafe heaters are the optimum choice for your fish!

Available in 6 sizes:


Code      Model    Aquarium Size (Litres)   Length    Wattage    Voltage
94121 25W up to 25L 17 cm 25 watt 240V/50Hz
94122 50W up to 50L 21 cm 50 watt 240V/50Hz
94123 100W up to 100L 25 cm 100 watt 240V/50Hz
94124 150W up to 150L 27 cm 150 watt 240V/50Hz
94125 200W up to 200L 30 cm 200 watt 240V/50Hz
94126        300W       up to 300L 36 cm       300 watt        240V/50Hz


Suitable for: Cold water, Tropical & Marine

Features & Benefits:

  • High quality heater
  • Shatter resistant Quartz glass
  • Microchip controlled thermal cut-off
  • Fully submersible 
  • Simple installation with suction clips provided
  • Easy to read temperrature guide
  • Indicator light
  • 2 + 1 year Guarantee


Aqua One ThermoSafe Heaters are not designed to operate outside of the Aquarium. The Thermosafe Heater provides a safety margin for the user if the heater is accidently exposed during water shortage instances such as water changing or gravel cleaning. With the thermal cut-out protection and quartz glass construction, this prevents cracking or complete failure of the heater if accidently exposed.

Step by Step Guide:

1. Select the proper wattage size heater for your aquarium. Normally 1W will heat 1 litre of water.

2. Position the heater in the aquarium. The best position is near a strong water flow. The outlet of a power filter is ideal.

3. The heater should not come in contact with the gravel or substrate. This may cause a hot spot in the glass and cause the   heater to crack.

4. Use the suction cups to fasten the heater to the aquarium. They should be positioned on the top third of the heater, not on   the heating element.

5. Do not plug in the heater unless submerged in water.

6. To set the heater, use the dial at the top of the heater to adjust to the desired temperature. Continue turning the dial until   the preferred temperature is displayed on top of the heater. A light will come on when the heater is working. It will switch off   when it reaches the set temperature.

7. Confirm your set temperature with an accurate thermometer. The thermometer should be placed at the opposite end of the aquarium to the heater.  A small variation between the heaters set temperature and the thermometers reading is normal.


  • It is important to follow the safety guidelines as set out in the instruction manual contained within the packaging of this product. 
  • This product is not intended for use by children or infirm persons without supervision. 
  • Do not use the appliance for reasons other than the intended use. 
  • The use of attachments that are not recommended or sold by the manufacturer may cause the product to be unsafe and should be avoided.


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