Mitch Ball Blue

Mitch Ball Blue
Mitch Ball Blue
Mitch Ball Blue
Mitch Ball Blue

Mitch Ball Blue

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Mitch Ball Blue 

The Blue Mitch Ball floats on water, is pop proof, long lasting and covered in nodules to make it easier for your dog to pick up - as well as reducing the risk of choking or airway obstruction.


  • Better and safer alternative to other sports balls like soccer balls
  • Covered with soft, spike-like nodules for easy gripping and satisfying chewing
  • Easy on canine jaws and designed for your pet’s with chewing and gripping comfort
  • Floats in water for fun water games and easy visibility for dogs
  • Made from durable rubber that doesn’t lose shape even when punctured
  • Non-toxic, dog-friendly material for a safer toy for your pet
  • 2 different Mitch Ball designs to accommodate any dog’s playing behavior

Colors/Designs Available:

Hard Red (Best for dogs that engage in more aggressive play)

Soft Blue (Best for dogs that engage in moderate/normal play)


180mm all around

Weight: 0.80kg

Suitable for small dogs (5-10kg), medium dogs (10-30kg), and large dogs (30-50kg+)

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