Hound House Cat Sling (Hammock)

Hound House Cat Sling (Hammock) - PET PARLOR
Hound House Cat Sling (Hammock) - PET PARLOR

Hound House Cat Sling (Hammock)

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Hound House Cat Sling

The cat sling provides the most comfortable sleeping area for felines, ferrets and many other animals that love lazing around.

Inside a cage, the sling can be easily attached to each corner, giving your cat an extremely comfortable place to sit and ponder the mysteries of life.

The breathable material has been designed to be cool in the warm months and warm in the cool months. On a hot day when your cat would usually be uncomfortable, they can sit in an elevated position that allows for a breeze to travel around their whole body. 

  • The cat sling is made from the HoundHouse marine canvas, giving your feline the most comfortable seat in the house.
  • The comfortable cat hammock can be used inside, outside or in a cage.
  • The sling is extremely easy to use, simply hook the four corners onto four elevated points.

Pet owners assume all responsibility for their pet’s behaviour, supervision and safety.

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