KONG Lock-It 2 Pack Large

KONG Lock-It 2 Pack Large - PET PARLOR

KONG Lock-It 2 Pack Large

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KONG Lock-It 2 Pack Large

KONG Lock-It 2 Pack Large - Innovative and fun, the KONG Lock-It treat-dispensing dog toy just made playtime extra entertaining! 

KONG Lock-It 2 Pack Large is apart of our Stuff a KONG range can be stuffed with treats, pastes or even your own custom fillings to keep your dog interested and mentally stimulated. 


  • The Lock-It pods can connect to each other and “lock” in place to create a longer toy that makes getting to the treats more challenging.
  • Each pod has two holes for connecting to other pods and placing treats inside.
  • As your dog nudges and rolls the toy, treats release from the pods so your pet can scoop them up for a delicious reward
  • The grooves and ridges on the pods help clean teeth and massage the gums to promote better dental health
  • Treat-dispensing dog toy featuring detachable pods for a customised puzzle that fits your pet’s challenge level
  • Mentally stimulating and helps work your pet’s mind and improve cognitive skills
  • Features holes on the end to place treats inside the pods and release treats when dog rolls the toy around
  • Can be used as a slow-feeding alternative to help manage your pet’s weight
  • Pods can be used separately for multiple dogs or connected together for a toy for 1 pet

Sizes Available:

Medium – 3-Pack (1/3 cup of treats per pod)

Large – 2-Pack (1/2 cup of treats per pod)


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Always supervise your pet with new toys as no toy in indestructible. - Always remove unsafe damaged toys  

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