Mac Mite Spray 100gm

Mac Mite Spray 100gm - PET PARLOR

Mac Mite Spray 100gm

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MAC Mite Insecticide Spray is a safe and fast-acting treatment for the control of live snake mites in reptile enclosures.

To use, remove your reptile, food and water bowls from the enclosure and spray the enclosure for 5 seconds. Remove and replace the substrate. Your reptile can be returned to the enclosure immediately following spraying. Repeat in 7 days.

  • Treats and controls live snake mites
  • Convenient aerosol spray
  • Approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA)
  • Do not spray directly on pet, exposed food or bowls
  • Not suitable for use with frogs or geckos

Active ingredients: 20 g/kg phenothrin-D20:80

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