Vetafarm Triple C

Vetafarm Triple C
Vetafarm Triple C
Vetafarm Triple C

Vetafarm Triple C

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Recommended for: All birds as an antibiotic where a definitive diagnosis is difficult or not achieved.

Vetafarm Triple C is a powdered broad spectrum antibiotic for use in water or added to food with efficacy against E. coli (Enteritis), Mycoplasma spp. (Chronic Respiratory Disease), and Chlamydia psittaci (Psittacosis). It is also useful as a preventative for Psittacosis.

Summary of Key Features:

  • Broad spectrum antibiotic powder for birds
  • Preventative for Psittacosis if used once per year for 45 days
  • Easy administration in either food or water


Directions for Use:

Parrots 5.0g/L in water

Finch/Pigeon 2.5g/L in water

All ornamental birds 5.0g/kg in dry food.

All ornamental birds 10g/kg in hand rearing food.

Administration: Remove all sources of unmedicated water and prepare fresh solutions daily. Remove sources of grit and calcium for the duration of treatment. Supply medicated water for 5-7 days (Psittacosis 45 days) in glass, glazed or plastic containers.


High doses may inhibit the growth of long bones. Do not use in juvenile or growing animals.

Not recommended in animals producing eggs for human consumption - always observe withholding periods on the package insert.

Triple C should not be mixed in water with any other products. The effectiveness of Triple C will be reduced if calcium supplements are present in a birds diet. Discontinue the use of calcium during antibiotic treatment. After a course of Triple C, a probotic should be administered to re-establish gut flora.

Disclaimer: The use of antibiotics without a vet exam or diagnostic workup is never recommended. Always use under the direction of veterinary advice and supervision. Seek veterinary advice if you are concerned about your birds health, or if symptoms persist.

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