Reptile Lamp Cage Suit Up To 200w

REPTILE ONE Reptile Heat Lamp Cage Suit Up To 200w Lamp

Reptile Lamp Cage Suit Up To 200w

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 Maintain your pet's safety in the comfort of their enclosures with Reptile One Heat Lamp Holder Cage! This accessory is essential to prevent your pets from coming into direct contact with heat lamps and getting burnt. Made of 6mm expanded mesh that is durable. Suitable for all non-Reptile One Vivarium's and Terrariums with slight modifications. Compatible with multi-use cable dial fittings in all Reptile One Vivarium's and Terrariums and perfect to use with compact UVB lamp. Easy to install and requires a single twist when changing lamps. Brighten up your reptile's home while still keeping them safe!

  • 1x Reptile One Lamp Holder Cage
  • Suitable For Reptile Pet Enclosures
  • Lamp Holder Cage
  • Made of 6mm Expanded Mesh
  • Suitable For Use with Compact UVB Lamp
  • Compatible with Multi-Use Cable Dial Fittings in All Reptile One Vivariums and Terrariums
  • Easy to Install
  • Suitable for all non-Reptile One Vivariums and Terrariums With Slight Modifications
  • Protects Reptiles from Contact With Heat Lamp

Size: 15 x 15 x 17CM

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