Vetafarm Wormout Gel

Vetafarm Wormout Gel
Vetafarm Wormout Gel
Vetafarm Wormout Gel

Vetafarm Wormout Gel

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Vetafarm Wormout Gel can be used for the treatment of Threadworm, Tapeworm, Roundworm, Caecal Worm and Hookworm. It is a water soluble gel which can be dissolved in water or given directly to the bird via a crop needle. 

Summary of Key Features:

  • Completely safe worming gel, which can be mixed with a small amount of orange juice for fussy drinkers 
  • Effectively kills all intestinal worms 
  • Treatment should be repeated once every three months

Directions for Use:


Drinking water dose: Dilute Wormout Gel with water recommended dose rate and provide this as the sole source of water for 2 days.

All aviary birds: Add 2mL of Wormout Gel to 160mL of drinking water.

Pigeons: Add 2mL of Wormout Gel to 320mL of drinking water. Repeat once every 3 months.

Crop Needle Dose: Use a small syringe for accurate dosing. Carefully dilute 1mL of Wormout Gel in 9mLs of water to make 10mL of ‘stock solution.

Give 0.5mL of stock solution per 100g body weight.

Recommended for: Caged and Aviary Birds and Pigeons 

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